Executive Chef Matt

I started this blog not only because I love to eat (which I do), but mostly because I love to cook. It’s not about fancy photos and chic dishware. It’s about a love of cooking.

I love the ability of a chef – self taught, like myself, or professionally trained – to take simple ingredients and turn them into something beautiful and delicious. I’ve said for years, a homemade meal is the greatest “I love you” you can give someone.

I don’t work in this industry, in fact, other than as a restaurant patron, it’s completely foreign to me. I work as a technology consultant, and have traveled and worked in over twenty-five countries. I’m not a painter, a writer, or a poet, but I am an artist – an artist of delicious consumable creations. There’s no better sound in the world than a quiet table of people you love, munching on something delicious you spent the day creating. I don’t just love the food, I love the process to get there. The chopping, the stirring, simmering, sauté, the boil, the smell, the tasting and the plating. Nothing makes me happier or more relaxed than some good music, a glass of wine, and great company in my kitchen while I create something amazing.

With my best friend and husband Andrew at my side, I embark on this journey to share my recipes (original, and the ones I love to make), my techniques and style with the world. As one of my inspirations in cooking Julia Child said, Bon Appétit!

Sous Chef Andrew

I never cooked a thing prior to meeting Matt.  My mother spoiled me for the first twenty-two years of my life and then Matt has been spoiling me ever-since.  However, watching Matt cook inspired me to get off the couch and begin learning how to cook.  And much to my surprise, I love it!  While I am far from the artist my husband has become, I enjoy learning and improving my skills.

When I am not cooking and eating (and drinking wine) with Matt I teach High School history.  I also enjoy running, reading and playing with our adorable dogs.

I am so proud of my husband and am honored to support him in his journey.  Look out for posts from me that will provide advice to those looking to grow more confident in the kitchen which will include original recipes, cooking advice for beginners and some of my favorite “professional” recipes that are pretty easy to make.

Bon Apetit,

Sous Chef Andrew