I start by saying: I am a home chef. I have never trained professionally as a chef, and most of my abilities have been self taught.

My love of cooking started as a teenager, watching my mother and late step-dad create wonderful meals for our family and friends. In middle-school, I started taking home-ec class to further my cooking ability. At the time, Clueless in the Kitchen: A Cookbook for Teens by Evelyn Raab was my go-to. But, as the years passed and my age, maturity, ability, and lets face it – income – increased, I’ve refined my cooking style and ability dramatically. Today, I cook primarily French and Italian cuisine, inspired by the likes of Julia Child, Ina Garten (my personal favorite), and others.


My food is simple and my mantra equally so: take fresh ingredients, pair them together well, cook with love, and share with people you love.

Bon appetite!