This is one of those recipes I printed out like 3 years ago, and every year when I’m looking for holiday desserts I look at it, decide it’s too much work (deep frying scares me), and I move on. Well folks, I’ve been missing out for years! Struffoli is a wreath dessert made with tons of miniature donuts coated in a delicious sweet and sticky honey sauce. Like the Italians do best, the donuts have lemon and orange zest to give them a great sweet and tangy flavor. I used Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe, but I swapped the hazelnuts for delicious macadamia nuts! You can make the donuts the day before and just leave them covered with a clean kitchen towel overnight. Then when it’s time for dessert just warm up the sauce, mix in the donuts and macadamia nuts and you’re set! I highly recommend this dessert for your next (or last) holiday party of the year! Bon appetit!

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