The work week is busy; finding time to make lunches every day (literally the worst part of the day), or dinner after a long day at work can quickly lead to meals out. As part of lightening up, there are three things I try and focus on:

  1. Make a meal plan
  2. Eat smaller portions
  3. Make meals ahead

Making a meal plan starts on the weekend. I get a piece of scrap paper and plan a lunch and dinner for every day through dinner Thursday. To cut calories, when I’m lightening up I just eat a banana for breakfast, so no need for a breakfast plan! After I have a plan for meals, I write a detailed grocery list so I know what I need when I get to the store. Step 1: Complete.

Our portions (especially as American’s) are WAY too big. A good portion size for protein is about 4 oz. In the video below I make a 1 lb pork tenderloin, which is about 4, 4 oz servings. I can’t tell you how many times Andrew and I can (and have) polished one of these in one sitting. By intentionally making smaller portions, you’ll help create the calorie deficit you need to lighten up: if you only have 4 oz, you can’t eat 8!

Finally, making things ahead is an easy way to stop those mid-week cravings, or let’s be honest – laziness! It’s a lot harder to justify going out for lunch or dinner when you know you already have a healthy and delicious meal prepared in the fridge. In this I outline my tricks for make ahead lunch, Greek Salad and more! I’ll be posting all these recipes soon, so look out for the barrage of new posts! Bon appetit, and happy light eating everyone!

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