Bonjour! After all our travel delays, we finally got a good nights sleep and enjoyed our first full day in Paris! I know why they call it the city of love – beautiful architecture and monuments on every corner, quaint cafes and Brasserie’s, beautiful people and of course, beautiful food and wine.

When American’s think about French, we tend to always think fancy – fancy restaurants with pretentious menus and bougie people. The reality though, is in France, the food and restaurants are actually very simple – elegant, uncomplicated dishes served cafe style. The French have a “Cafe culture,” where it’s perfectly acceptable to sit for hours and enjoy coffee, beer, wine, and simple but elegant food. If you’re entertaining at home and you’re thinking of going French, I say keep it simple – delicate music, and something classically French like filet mignon with a hollandaise mayo and potatoes – it will blow your guests away! Here’s a few highlights from our culinary adventure so far:

Our first meal here: Croque Monsieur with pomme frites (fries) – literally we could have split this there was so much cheese!

My dinner last night: Filet Mignon with Hollindaise Mayo and potatoes

Quintessential French Dessert: Tarte Tartin!


Heavenly Truffled Mushroom Soup with Herbed Ricotta (look way down)


Pulled beef confit with the creamiest (and butteriest) mashed potatoes and mushrooms!

Duck pate in pastry

Filet of trout with creamy polenta with roasted chestnuts

Off to dinner soon at Le Soufflé! Bon appetit!

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