These times, as we keep hearing, are… unprecedented. The news, all the sadness can be overwhelming for anyone, including us. This weekend, we learnt that a close family friend of Andrew’s passed from COVID-19, at 37, and perfectly healthy. It’s devastating. The other morning we were watching the news and they were doing a Skype interview with a woman who’s husband had been put on a ventilator. The last time she talked to him was when he left the car and walked into the ER… alone. Unsure if she’d ever hold his hand, or hear his voice again, it’s heartbreaking.

In these crazy times, I think we’re all looking for some hope (us included). We’re looking for some “sweet relief” from all of this. I don’t have the answers, but what I can offer is this: take time, enjoy something. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. Or the next day. Or the next week or month. So, why not take some time to yourself and enjoy what you have?

Here is my ask of you in the coming days: take some time, and enjoy something you’ve been saving. Something you wanted for a “special occasion.” It’s hard, but what if that special occasion never comes? Right now, we’re trying to stay positive, but real.

Tonight I made Souvlaki from a local restaurant we bought a few weeks ago and froze. While I think mine is delicious, it was just what we needed. We didn’t have pita, but we did have some leftover Garlic Naan from some Indian take-out, and grilled it was just great. I made my Greek Salad which I’ve made 1000 times, but tonight I used the “good” olive oil. The olive oil we got on our trip to Italy with our mothers last summer. A trip that right now I’ve cherished more than ever. This oil is nearly $40 for 375ml, and we only have 1.5 bottles left. But, why not? You know what happened? It was the best Greek Salad I’ve ever made.

This weekend, we’re planning to open a nice bottle of Italian wine we got on the same trip, and just – take time. Enjoy something special. Whether it’s that bottle of wine, beer, whiskey, scotch, olive oil, bar of chocolate, whatever. Maybe right now is the PERFECT time to enjoy it.

So please do this, take time, and enjoy something special. We’re here to answer your “chopped kitchen” cooking questions in a time groceries are random and sparse. We’re here, to celebrate what you enjoyed this weekend. We’re here to support and love you all, and hope everyone remains safe and at home. Stay strong, world. Enjoy something and just let it all go, even if for just a few minutes. Turn the lights down, light that nice candle. Open the wine/beer/scotch/whiskey/etc. Turn on some music. Turn off the TV. Take a breath. We’ll get through this – together. And as always, Bon Appetit!

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